WF Wordmasters  2013-2014

We have the POWER!  The Power of Words!

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    WordMasters is a national academic competition for third through eighth grade students which emphasizes logic,vocabulary, and reading comprehension.  The contest requires students to work independently to solve a variety of verbal analogies, using specific vocabulary words from a official list that has been provided ahead of time. There are a total of three contests held during the school year. Our district participates in the Gold level of the contest, which is the most rigorous.  Any student interested in expanding his or her vocabulary and logical thinking skills is welcome to participate in the contest, along with the Challenge students.

      Students participating in this contest will come to the Challenge classroom in December, February and April.  At least one month prior to each contest, the students will receive a word list with activities for learning/practicing the vocabulary.  (Some word work activities may be completed in the classroom as part of language arts studies.  This is up to the classroom teacher.) Practice activities are also available in our computer lab in our Westfield LMC.  Competitors are strongly encouraged to study at home - we want to make Westfield proud.  Mrs. Pumo, the WordMasters advisor, reviews solutions with the students after they complete each contest, providing immediate feedback.

       Check this website for future contest results.  If you have any questions regarding the WordMasters program, please email Mrs. Pumo at or visit the national competition website at 

Updated  10/10/13   - Mrs. Pumo