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Item 1: Internet Filter and Wifi Access

The district technical support department recommends that you connect your devices up to the "CCSD89_Student" Wifi network. There is no wifi password needed. Understand that this network is filtered and monitored as per the District's Acceptable Use Policy (Policy 600:235).

In order to access secure sites like your gmail, you will need to install a certificate on your laptop and mobile device (iPhone, iPad, etc).

First download the following file for the filter certificate: SmoothWall Certificate

For your laptop, you will have to install the certifcate in a few locations.

  1. Locate the file called "Guardian_CA_Cert.crt" in your downloads folder.
  2. Double click the file "Guardian_CA_Cert.crt" and this should open the keychain or Certificate manager.
  3. You will be prompted to install the certificate, click "Add" and in the next screen "Always Trust," use your login and Password to apply this certificate to your user account.
  4. Close or Quit the Keychain Access application or Certificate manager.
  5. Then open up Firefox
  6. In the menu bar, click on "Firefox" then "Preferences," the preferences window will appear.
  7. Click on "Advanced" located on the left side of the Preferences screen.
  8. Click on the tab "Certificates," then the button that says "View Certificate" A window will pop-up
  9. Click on "Import" and then locate the file called "Guardian_CA_Cert.crt" (in your downloads folder) and click "Open."
  10. Make sure the three (3) checkboxes are selected or have checkmarks in window that asks "Do you want to trust "" for the following purposes?" Then click "OK"
  11. Click "Ok" to close the next pop up box and you can close the Preferences window.
  12. You are now done installing the Certificate.

For your iDevice or Android Device

  1. Download the following file for the filter certificate: SmoothWall Certificate
  2. Once the download is complete, tap the certificate to install it on your device as a profile.

Item 2: SMARTBoard Notebook Version 17 software links and resources

  • We are now using version 17 of Notebook software. Click here to download and then install this software.
  • Click on this link to download the Instructions to connect your Laptop to a SMART Board.
  • Item 3: Using the Classroom Phones

    All the classrooms have Cisco VOIP (Voice over IP) Phones.

  • In an emergency, pick up the handset and dial "9-1-1" or "8-9-1-1" and you will be directed to an emergency services operator.
  • To call outside the building, dial "8-1" then the area code and number yo wish to reach. (Note: Classroom phones are limited to certain local area codes.)
  • To make an call between rooms, simply dial the four digit extension.

    If you have any questions or issues, please us the above form to contact District 89's Technical Support Department by sending an email to sos.